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Hello, streetwear fans! Since Vlone items are really demanded and the market appreciates these, there is also, at the same time, the replica Vlone market, and today we are here to let you know how to spot fake vs real Vlone items.

The main thing that we will talk about today is the element that’s present on most of the Vlone items: the print on the rear side of pretty much every Vlone t-shirt, hoodie and so on.

Besides the rear print, we’ve also included the “V” shaped neck tag and the wash tag, and the front print, which they are present on the most part of Vlone items.

With all of this being said, let’s proceed to the guide itself.

How to spot fake Vlone items

This is the question you may ask, and we are here to give it an answer.

The most reliable spot to look at when checking the authenticity of your Vlone item, we recommend you look closely at the rear print in order to see fake vs real Vlone items.

Replica Vlone items have poorer quality, most of the time, and we are here today to let you know how to check fake vs real Vlone.

Step 1: Check the rear “V” shaped print

As we’ve said previously, we recommend you checking the rear “V” print on your Vlone FRIENDS- item in order to see whether it is a fake vs real Vlone.

Usually, fake Vlone hoodies and t-shirts get the pattern of the “V” wrong. Let’s have a look at the comparison pictures:

Good quality replica Vlone real vs fake comparison:

In the picture linked above, we have compared a retail Vlone tee with a good replica Vlone tee.

As you may see, we’ve pointed out how the dents in the “V” print are too large on the replica Vlone t-shirt. This is a flaw that the main part of the fake Vlone manufacturers always manages to mistake.

Let’s also have a look at an inferior quality on the real vs fake Vlone FRIENDS- rear print quality.

Bad quality replica Vlone real vs fake comparison:

It is visible how, first of all, the replica Vlone rear print is placed too high, and at the same time, it is crooked and wrongly placed, as it is too angled compared to the retail Vlone FRIENDS- print.

Besides how it is too angled, the fake Vlone FRIENDS- print is placed too high on the t-shirt. The authentic Vlone print is more centered than the fake item, and this is a spot that you can check with the naked-eye.

Step 2: Verify the front “FRIENDS-” print

Moving to the front of the Vlone item, you can see the “FRIENDS-” print. Let’s have a look at the fake vs real Vlone comparison pictures:

There are a few things to look at when checking fake vs real Vlone items to the front part.

Starting with the “F” character, you can see that we’ve pointed out the second line of the letter is too arched/angled on the replica Vlone item. On the legit Vlone FRIENDS- print, the line is perfectly sharp.

Moving to the “R” character, you can see how the top right corner of the “R” is less curvy on the replica Vlone print. The legit Vlone print has the “R” looking curvier and more arched.

On the letter “D”, it is visible how the replica Vlone item has the blank space inside the “D” too narrow and small, while on the other hand, the retail Vlone has more space in there. Also, this is visible even on the “R” character.

There is a lot less distance between the “D” and the “S” letters on the replica Vlone print, while the legit Vlone hasn’t got these two letters connected.

As for the last part of the front FRIENDS- Vlone print, you can see how the hyphen (the “-“) is too small in length, and again, the corners of the character are curved instead of the retail Vlone item, which has them sharp.

Step 3: Analyze the “V” shaped neck tag

Going into the interior of the fake vs real Vlone items, we have, of course, the neck tag, which has a “V” shape.

As you can see in the picture linked above, we’ve got two main points to look at when legit checking the neck tag of your Vlone item.

First of all, it is really obvious how the fake Vlone item has the text on the neck tag too thick, and to be more precise, we’ve pointed this out on the “SIZE-(x)” text, and the text below it.

On the other hand, the “LIVE VLONE DIE VLONE” text has a different nuance of orange on the replica Vlone neck tag. It really is visible on how the fake text is of a brighter orange, while the legit one is darker.

Step 4: Inspect the wash tag on your Vlone item

As for the 4th and the last step of our fake vs real Vlone authentication guide, we are going to talk about the wash tag. First of all, let’s see the comparison pictures:

The “100% COTTON” text is totally different by the thickness of the text, because it looks less thick than the legit Vlone wash tag, and at the same time, the font used for this specific text is totally different on the replica Vlone wash tag.

The “MADE IN USA” text and the circle below it is also a problem on the fake Vlone item. Fake Vlones have this text, again, less thick, and the circle below is too small.

The “DRY CLEAN ONLY” text is also flawed on fake Vlone items, as the text is too big and less thick, again.

As for the last spot to look at on the Vlone item’s wash tag, the little “V” logo at the bottom of it, has no holes inside on the replica Vlone wash tag. The authentic wash tag “V” logo should look just like the one on the rear print, with all the holes in it.

How can I spot fake Vlone items in 60 seconds?

You will not always have the time or patience to go through each detailed authentication step when you need to verify the authenticity status of your Vlone item.

That is why we have compiled this quick 60-second solution to authenticating your sneakers. Below are the top indicators that can help you determine if you have a fake Vlone item or the real deal.

  1. Check the rear “V” logo print. Fake Vlone items have the holes in the logo too curvy and arched, and the “V” may be placed too high or too angled/crooked
  2. Verify the front “FRIENDS-” print. The fake Vlone items have the corners of the characters curvy instead of sharp and at the same time, they have less space between the characters
  3. Inspect the neck tag. Fake Vlones either have the text with a nuance of orange that’s too bright, or the text is too thick
  4. Analyze the wash tag so the text won’t have a different font than the legit ones, and so it won’t be too thick. The most important thing to look at here is the “V” print because fake Vlone items don’t have the holes in the “V” logo

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